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Audi TT National Events

National gatherings of TT-East, TT-Central, & TT-West. Not only is these events a gathering of Audi TT car nuts, it's a gathering of friends. I've had opportunities to see a lot of the US because of these trips. I've also got to spend time with some wonderful people.

TT East 2009
Held in beautiful Snowshoe, WV
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TT West 2007
TT-West 2007 is scheduled to be held in the Pacific NorthWest town of Ashland, Oregon from Thursday June 14 to Sunday June 17, 2007 with the event headquartered at the Ashland Springs Hotel.

...and yes, I do plan on driving 3,026 miles across country to attend.

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TT Central 2007
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TT East 2006
The 6th annual TT-East 2006 event was held in Stowe, Vermont at the Trapp Family Lodge. Got to go "cross the boarder" into a French Providence of Canada. It was a solo drive that was wonderful and the experience getting back to the US was interesting. The 1st TT event that I attended without my Audi TT. Instead I bummed rushed the party in the Honda S2000.

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TTWest 2006
The TT group headed to the high-mountain southwest Colorado town of Durango. The name Durango comes from the Basque word Urango meaning "water town" and the town is named after Durango, Mexico. Durango is located in the Animas River Valley and is surrounded by the gorgeous San Juan Mountains in La Plata County, Colorado. One of the most beautiful places I have been in the United States.

Durango is situated about 6800 feet above sea level. Telluride is situated a little over 10,000 feet above sea level. The oxygen is really thin above 8000 feet and altitude sickness can set in very quickly if not careful (don't ask how I know).

Find out more about TTW here:
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TT Central 2005
This year TT Central was held in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. We got to tour the infamous Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
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TT East 2005
The name "Chattanooga" comes from the Creek Indian word for "rock coming to a point" — this refers to Lookout Mountain which begins in Chattanooga. Chattanooga was host to TT East 2005! However the attraction to TT East 2005 was not Lookout Mountain but the drive of the Cherohala Skyway and the Tail of the Dragon (Deal's Gap).

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TT Midwest 2004
The first annual TT Midwest (or later called TT Central) Gathering. The first event was held in beautiful Brooksfield, Wisconsin. The group photo was taken in front of the beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum. Even got to see the wonderful track of Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

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TT East 2004
TT-East is the original and largest annual multi-day Audi TT owner's event held east of the Mississippi River in North America. TT-East 2004 will be held from Thursday June 3, 2004 to Sunday June 6, 2004 in rural western Maryland at the Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort.

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