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National Audi TT Gatherings, other car gatherings, and misc car photos

Photos of Audi TT gatherings ( TT West, TT East, and TT Central), Misc car meets, Get-to-gethers, HPDE Events, friend's rides, my beloved Honda S2000 (sold), and my Audi A3 (coming soon).

Audi TT National Events
National gatherings of TT-East, TT-Central, & TT-West. Not only is these events a gathering of Audi TT car nuts, it's a gathering of friends. I've had opportunities to see a lot of the US because of these trips. I've also got to spend time with some wonderful people.
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Audi Car Club of America Driver's Education events and Autocross
Two activities that all drivers should participate. Teaches one excellent skills and car control. If you ever have the chance to go to a Driver School or Autocross, go! Makes you a better and safer driver.
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NAIAS (North American International Auto Show
Got to go to the NAIAS for the first time in 2007! Have Plans in place to attend the 2008 show as well. This is the granddaddy show of them all!
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Local GTGs (get-togethers), mod parties, and fun runs!
Nothing like hanging out with friends, modifying cars (mod parties), or Fun Runs (like bike cruises except with cars).
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Coffee and Cars
GTGs in North Jax. My attempt to get back into the car scene.
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ANCA Quattro-de-Mayo
ANCA = Audi National Club of America
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Misc Car shows and events!
NAIAS, HIN Miami, NOPI car series, and other car shows and events!
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Misc Car Photos
Photos of my old MK1 MR2, friend's cars, the beloved S2000, pics I host for friends, and other misc car pics
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Chicago Auto Show 2012
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International Motorcycle Show 2012
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LA Auto Show 2012
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