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My Honda S2000 (sold)

Yup, I owned a Honda S2000 after my life with the TT. Dollar for dollar, the performance of the S2000 is hard to beat.

The Honda S2000 was launched in April 1999 to celebrate the Honda's 50th anniversary and continues in the tradition of the company's previous lightweight roadster "S" cars, the S500, S600 and S800. The Honda S2000 has received praise among the press for it's handling, gearbox, and "fun-to-drive" nature with an engine and chassis that screams "faster!" I must admit that the S2k is one of the most enjoyable vehicles that I have owned.

In the words of Soichiro Honda - "The value of life can be measured by how many times your soul has been deeply stirred."
The Honda S2000 is one of those rare cars that when driven will stir your soul. But alas, I had to move on. So it is with life. It must be said, best car I ever owned for simple driving pleasure.

Modshack Cupholder Mod

The S has nothing short of an excuse for cupholders just to appease the American market. The OE cupholders are a joke and does nothing but get in the way of pure driving pleasure.

I'm not one to advocate driving while drinking or even eating (God forbid). However, I wanted more from my cupholder experience. Enter the Modshack! I scooped one of these puppies up from Steve and without any modifications, instant cupholder. These cupholders were originally created by Steve for the Audi TT. So I guess my a part of the TT will live on inside of the Honda. Thanks Modshack.

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My Laguna Blue 2006 s2k!
Jan 21, 2006

A six year dream finally comes true. I've loved this car since the protype went public. Now, I am ...more

a owner.

The S2000 is no looker like the Audi. They are two totally different vehicles designed from the ground up with two different buyers. The S2000 is raw and in your face. The TT is a sight to behold and a design statement that changed the design of cars for a decade.

After all the mods I put into the TT the S outperforms the TT straight off the show room floor, where I purchased Katie from.

I used to keep a photo of a White (GPW) S2k in my work vehicle to remind myself of why I worked so hard. Never knew that after I purchased my Audi TTqc that I would return to my first love.

Katie's no beauty queen but she holds the keys to my heart.

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K in the Night
Apr 9, 2006

Katie my sTTook...
sTTook? Stook = S 2 K = S2000
Why the two TT's in sTTook? You shouldn't hav ...more

e to ask. You are looking at these photos at the "TTgallery." Just a way for me to always remember my time with 'Baby Boy' my 2002 Audi TT QC.

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Photos of Katie in Key West!

Took a needed rest and vacation down to Key West March of 06. This was the first official road trip ...more

in the S. Top down all the way! Had a wonderful time. Literally I can say I took Katie to the "End of the Road."

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Took Katie down to Florida's Space Coast.
Mar 24, 2007

Trip to Space Coast (NASA) Kennedy Space Center April 2007. Nothing like being a tourist. Katie pr ...more

ovided to be a great drive on a sunny Florida day. The weather was warm but not to hot on this impomtu Saturday trip to the infamous Kennedy Space Center. Got to see Atlantis in the hanger being prepped for launch. Saw a couple of Manatee for the first time. Saw an Eagle's nest as well as plenty of 'Gators.

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S2k Photo shoot
Mar 26, 2006

had fun with my new Canon Camera.

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Clear Bra Installation

Auto Super Shield in Boca Raton, Florida installed a 3M clear bra to protect the S from road debris, ...more

March 06. Pepi, the owner and lead installer, installed the clear bra perfectly. It's been over a year and the front still looks like new. Thanks Pepi. I highly recommend them. Their website is here: http://www.autosupershield.com/

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ICE installation
Aug 16, 2006

I decided to take on this task myself. Haven't installed a car stereo in almost 20 years. The inst ...more

allation went well, albeit late at night. Took me three days (nights) working into the wee hours of the morning, a couple of times all night long in a hot garage!!!

Alpine Headunit, Sirius, Alpine Amp, Polk Audio Speakers, and Sub (sub is still up in the air and yet to be installed).

Katie is a smally car and finding places to put everything and running wire was a huge challenge.

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