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Audi TT MK1 concept / vehicle schematics / drawings & cartoons

Pictures of the TT concept vehicle and renderings within. Some Engine and vehicle schematics available
along with various artist renderings.
Offset calculator: http://2x.ca:8080/TT/offset/

Audi TT Prototype Album

Thanks to the those who posted these at Audiworld. Hopefully now this will facilitate the need to keep these beautiful pics safe and in one location for all to admire.
Thanks to Jeff that provided the "lost" coupe pics.

If you have pics to contribute, email them to ttgallery "at" fotki.com

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© various contributors and unkown
TT diagrams, sketches, schematics, & offset calc.

Schematics, diagrams, drawings regarding the Audi TT engine, boost lines, etc. Thanks to VWVortex, Steve, Jeff, and others where some of these "original" diagrams originate.
other schamatics sourced from: http://www.elcats.ru/audivw/nn/vag3.asp?cid=229&myear=2002
Wheel offset calculator:
*Please note these pics are for educational use only. It is recommended that you take your vehicle to a certified Audi repair shop for any repairs to your Audi vehicle.*

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TT concept / cartoon / drawings

Thanks to ArTT Vandelay for helping me obtain some of these pics

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