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Audi TT MK1: The Birth of a Design Icon of the 21st Century & my TT

The TT was first shown as a concept car at the 1995 Frankfurt Motor Show. The Audi TT MK1 is considered to be one of the best and most influential designs of the late 90's and early 21st century. The design is credited to J Mays and Freeman Thomas (who was also responsible for the modern VW Bug design). The TT name does not indicate "twin turbo" as is sometimes assumed. The car is named for the NSU TT, a small rear-engine model with a formidable racing pedigree that NSU produced in the 1960s. The Modern TT has nothing in common with the NSU's design concepts.

The car's biggest weakness was it's foundation. The Audi TT MK1 sat on the chassis of the MKIV VW Golf. This lead the car to be one that looked the part but couldn't deliver. In addition to the chassis weight was also another shortcoming of the MK1 Audi TT. The MK1 had a peppy little 1.8t engine that received many awards but was not up to task to deal with the weight issues of the MK1 Audi TT. Audi introduced the 3.2 engine in 2004 with DSG.

Audi TT MK1: A Rainbow of Colors
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Audi TT MK1 concept / vehicle schematics / drawings & cartoons
Pictures of the TT concept vehicle and renderings within. Some Engine and vehicle schematics available
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Audi TT MK1 Misc Galleries
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